When travelling long distances ensure that you stretch and stand up periodically

When travelling long distances ensure that you stretch and stand up periodically

Old age may come along with complexities such as accumulation of fluids in some parts of the body such as hands and legs. This may be caused by low blood pressure because your muscles will not be in a position to pump fluids from the terminal parts of the body. With that idea in mind, when travelling, make sure that you always stretch and stand up if need be or when you feel like your legs are swelling up. There are a number of reasons why you should keep stretching all along the way. Far from being healthy, it is also beneficial in variety of ways.

Stretching helps you keep your muscles active

Sitting down for long hours and over long distances can cause your legs and muscles in it to be numb and inactive. This is when you will feel like your feet are frozen and like they are not part of your body. Stretching will help you muscles to move a bit a will always help the flow of warm blood from other parts of the body to the feat. Whenever you stretch, you are basically sending your bloods into your feet and you will also be helping your muscles to stretch and produce the heat that will warm up your blood.

Standing up helps create necessary gravity needed to move the blood

Sometimes, long distance travels for seniors can be detrimental basically because it may cause deep vein thrombosis. This is the accumulation of blood in your veins at the lower parts of your body. It is important to stretch and stand up so that you can be able to squeeze your blood through your veins and back into the brain. Lack of stretching and standing could cause accumulation of blood and eventual clog of blood. Get quotes here for a 2019 medicare advantage plan

Stretching helps you avoid cramps during your senior travel

Cramps are caused by lack of enough sugar crucial for energy creation by the muscles. We seniors can encounter less sugar concentration in the feet muscles basically because they have been inactive during flights. When you sit without standing or stretching, it means that lactic acids can accumulate in your muscles. Excess accumulation of lactic acid and then lead to painful cramps. Some people call this cramps mule locks. As a senior, the best thing to do stretch and if you are travelling by road, ask for a break and you will feel good.